Bear Thee Well

Regardless of the emotional burden you are bearing, therapy can help you alleviate that burden and move forward with your life.

The majority of my clinical work has been trauma-focused, which included treating adults and children who have endured emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. In my office, I offer a space in which you will be heard and seen. It is a space of unconditional positive regard for the human condition. You will learn to reconnect with parts of yourself that have been lost.

In my current practice, my primary focus is on trauma and mood disorders which surround infertility and miscarriage, pregnancy, and life postpartum (including postpartum depression and anxiety). There exists a tendency to dismiss the psychological impact of the aforementioned experiences, so I'd like to bring light to them and offer a space in which one can fully explore and process their pain. Loss and grief are common themes in these areas, whether the burden is an inability to conceive or the suffering of a miscarriage. These themes also relate to the feeling of losing one's self during pregnancy and the transition to parenthood. It is important to stress that the partners in these scenarios also grieve, and thus deserve a therapeutic space to process that grief.

While infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum are my primary specialities, I continue to work with individuals who experience trauma and other emotional struggles that are unrelated to those areas.


Individual Therapy

(in-person and telehealth sessions offered)


Pregnancy & Postpartum Mood Disorders

Fertility Issues



Life Challenges & Transitions 


(including, but not limited to, reproductive trauma and traumatic births)

Loss & Grief

(including, but not limited to, miscarriages and stillbirths)

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